The PSF facilitates the movement of ships and other vessels within the harbor complex of São Francisco do Sul, Itapoá Terminal and all comprised in the São Francisco do Sul Pilotage Zone (ZP-18), located in the northern part of the state of Santa Catarina.

The PSF, founded over ten years ago, has twelve partners, all harbour pilots approved by national exam, with deep knowledge of currents, winds and depths of Babitonga Bay. We also rely on over twenty experienced collaborators, working in the administrative and operational areas of the company.

Through its technical expertise and practical experience, supported by state-of-the-art technology, Praticagem São Francisco contributes to the protection of human life, heritage and the preservation of the environment of Babitonga Bay.

New Headquarters

We inaugurated our new office in August 2018. We have gathered in the same space all the company’s operating and administrative facilities, with state-of-the-art communication equipment, environmental / meteorological control and vessel traffic control.

We are strategically located in front of the Itapoá Terminal, with accommodations, training rooms and boat maintenance. We also have a crisis management room, which can be used by public agencies in case of need.

Our new office and facilities will bring benefits to all involved in the port logistics of Babitonga Bay, as well as to the economy and security.

“Praticagem São Francisco offers a service of excellence, working 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, with highly trained harbour pilots, a Pilot Station with bilingual operators and modern and safe speed boats.”

Navigation & Manoeuvres

The Praticagem São Francisco has as main activity advising on the navigation and manoeuvres of ships and other vessels within the harbour of São Francisco do Sul and Itapoá.

The Harbour Pilot climbs aboard with all his specific knowledge of the area and advises the Captain in the manoeuvring of their ships.

Technical Support

Praticagem São Francisco provides technical advice to the Maritime and Port Authorities of this port complex, in matters related to operational parameters - conditions, manoeuvrability, types of ships and so on.

Also aware of the importance of the participation of the Harbour Pilots in the embryonic phase of the new Nautical Projects, we are available to advise in the areas of simulation (computer and/or manned model simulations), as well as in the evaluation of new ships or scenarios, provided that they are duly remunerated by the technical advise.


We continually invest in training, seeking to act with the utmost security in each and every ship manoeuvre.

All our Pilots receive yearly training within and outside of Brasil, in computer simulators or manned scale models. They are aimed at situations of ships technical failures of (eg: loss of rudder or machine) and extreme weather conditions such as strong winds and currents and/or low visibility.


Pilot Boats
Manoeuvres each year


This document aims to assist the Port and Maritime Authorities in updating the current regulations of our Pilotage Zone (ZP-18), as well as to present subsidies for creating new guidelines in order to optimize port operations, without losing the focus on Navigation Safety.
(documents in Portuguese)

Operational procedures for requesting a Pilot and for its service within our contractors, with and without signed agreement with Praticagem São Francisco or SINPASC.
(documents in Portuguese)

Updated compendium of the regulations concerning our Pilotage Zone (ZP-18), summarizing the maximum size of vessels, drafts, recommended UKC and operating conditions.
(documents in Portuguese)